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IN STOCK Plumbing Repair Kits

Rebuild Kits and Trim Kits as well as Replacement parts. . .

American Standard
Price Phister

TOTO Toilets

Toto Toilet

The Largest TOTO Toilet Showroom
If you need assistance with deciding upon the right fixtures for your bathroom or kitchen, then pay us a visit today to see the largest TOTO(r) toilet showroom in the area. While you’re here, be sure to check out our extensive line of faucets including options from the top brands in the industry. Our display wall holds an impressive variety, and our team of experts can assist you with available options not currently displayed.

Premier Faucets

Premier Bathroom Faucet

Our products are up-to-date with the latest in kitchen, bathroom and bar style trends. For more than 25 years Premier Faucets have built their reputation upon a commitment to providing products that perform reliably and consistently in the demanding environment of the modern home.

IN STOCK and Special Order

Bemis Toilet Seats, including hard to match colors, and TOTO Toilet Seats featuring the Slow Close Seat



Blow Out Non-Acid Drain Cleaner

Blow Out

The strongest non-acid liquid drain cleaner and opener on the market. It’s the non-acid answer for unclogging drains without damaging disposals, pipes, porcelain, or septic tanks.

  • Biodegradable and environmentally safe but industrial strength
  • Pours through standing water to free drains fast
  • Dissolves hair, grease, soap and other organic matter
  • Will not affect the bacterial action in cesspools or septic tanks
  • Blow Out is stronger than household drain cleaners and safer than sulfuric acid

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