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Welcome to the Area’s Premier Plumbing Shop

With more than 20 years in business, Comet Plumbing Supply in Virginia Beach has all of the supplies that you could ever need in order to make your dreaded plumbing repairs simple and easy. Visit us at your earliest convenience to let our experienced and knowledgeable staff find or repair the exact plumbing parts that you need to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Visit the Area’s Largest TOTO Toilet Showroom

If you need assistance with deciding upon the right fixtures for your bathroom or kitchen, then pay us a visit today to see the largest TOTO(r) toilet showroom in the area. While you're here, be sure to check out our extensive line of faucets including options from the top brands in the industry. Our display wall holds an impressive variety, and our team of experts can assist you with available options not currently displayed.

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IN STOCK Plumbing Repair Kits, Rebuild Kits and Trim Kits

IN STOCK Plumbing Repair Kits, Rebuild Kits and Trim Kits

As well as Replacement parts. . . American Standard, Central, Crowne, Delta, Fisher, Gerber, Kohler, Price Phister, Sayco
Toto Toilet

TOTO Toilets

We have the largest TOTO showroom in the area. Don't have time to drop in? Use the learn more button below to TOTO USA website for inspiration.
Premier Bathroom Faucet

Premier Faucets

We carry a wide range of Premier faucets
IN STOCK and Special Order

IN STOCK and Special Order

Bemis Toilet Seats, including hard to match colors, and TOTO Toilet Seats featuring the Slow Close Seat
Blow Out

Blow Out

The strongest non-acid liquid drain cleaner and opener on the market. It's the non-acid answer for unclogging drains without damaging disposals, pipes, porcelain, or septic tanks.

Our Plumbing Supplier Showroom Features an Expansive Inventory

No One Knows Replacement Parts Better Than Us! Our plumbing supplier showroom carries the largest selection of replacement parts in the area. With over 13,000 parts in stock, we have an enormous array of faucets, faucet parts, toilet repair kits, handles, stems, and accessories. Comet Plumbing Supply stocks thousands of professional-grade plumbing supplies from pipe, valves, cements and cleaners to fittings, fixtures, toilets (the largest display in the area) and faucets. We have everything you need to install and maintain plumbing systems whether you are a homeowner or plumbing contractor.

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As the leading repair parts specialists in the area, our stem wall holds more than 200 stems that are organized by brand and if we don’t have the one you need we can place a special order and have it here in a timely matter.

We're confident we can help you! You've come to the right place if your entire project has been held up because you can't find one small stem, cartridge or handle. In fact, that's why customers keep coming back to us! As we like to say around here, we are “Your One Stop Plumbing Shop” and customer service is our forte.

Specialized Help By our Plumbing Gurus…

Know the Part You're Looking For? Write it down, bring in the old part or take a picture of Manufacturer and Model # of the part you're looking for and one of repair parts specialists will assist in getting the correct part that you need or special order if need be. We take pride in customer service done right!

Got a Digital Camera or Scanner? If you have a digital photo of the plumbing part you need - but you don't know the manufacturer or model number – our plumbing gurus will take care of it for you! Save time by making sure you measure all parts and show the measurements in the pictures.

We also do in store repairs for stems, residential and commercial faucets and tank repairs, saving you or your business valuable time and money.

Comet Plumbing Supply stocks thousands of professional-grade plumbing supplies. From pipe, valves, cements and cleaners to fittings, fixtures, toilets and faucets, we have everything you need to install and maintain plumbing systems.

Contact us for answers to your questions about our plumbing shop. We serve clients in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Norfolk, and Suffolk, Virginia, and the surrounding areas.

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